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Looking for a fun alternative to your conventional fitness methods? We offer classes in Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Acrobatics and Hand Balancing.

All ages welcome!

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For Class Bookings: Please email Samantha at: or watsapp: 0734070429

We are situated in Centurion:

32 Theuns Street

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Meet Samantha

I started acrobatics at the age of 4, after which, my ballet teacher suggested my head stands and rolly pollys wouldn't work for the ballet adjudicators. (Hahaha)


I fell in love with acrobatics immediately and soon after started other forms of dance, modern, hip hop, freestyle, contemporary. I was a south African acrobatic champion by the age of 11.


In high school I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and had to wear a back brace for 15 hours a day for three years. This was a hectic time in my life as I could not dance so intensely like I wanted to. The doctors wanted to operate and my mom said no, THANK GOODNESS. She wanted a second opinion and the back brace was my best option. I did not let this issue stop me from doing what I dreamed to do, be on stage..... I was the South African Acrobatic Champion in 1990 and 1991.


In the year 2000, I came 3rd in the Disco Freestyle World Championships held in Helsinki, Finland.


I started performing professionally in 2002 and did various contracts including Sun City. I performed on a Cruise Liner for Celebrity Cruise Liners, which is a company in America and met a lot of interesting people. I travelled to so many different countries (Places include all the Caribean Islands, Canada and Vegas) on the cruise liner, and this is where I was first introduced to aerial artistry.


I was determined and when I got back home I watched videos and taught my self how to do aerial acts. It was hard, as I only had youtube as my reference. But here I am. I have danced and performed in many countries and learned so much through all my travels. Seychelles, Bahrain, Dubai, Canada, Finland, Swaziland and America are just a few.


I am also a qualified Acrobatic Trainer and Freestyle Coach and I am now able to share my knowledge with the young up and coming stars of today. I have been blessed to have danced on a liner that took me places like Canada, Caribbean Isle, I worked at Madame Zingara which made my heart so happy. No one has lived, till they have experienced MZ.


For the last 4 years, I have danced at Barnyard Theatres, and there too I have learned and performed so many new acts.


Professional career: 10 years.

Dancing career: 28 years.

Liras, Spanish Web, Hand Balance, Sphere, Hammock, Perch Pole and Aerial Pole are a few of my favourite acts which I do.

Meet Chantelle

I started Pole Fitness at the age of 23. I always wanted to dance as a youngster but unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity to. At age 26 I did an introduction course in Aerial Silks and from there I taught myself. I opened up my own Aerial Studio in 2016 offering woman and children an alternative to the conventional fitness methods.

I absolutely love teaching Aerial to young and old.

Through the years I have also competed at a national level and in 2017 I placed 1st in the Womans Elite Double Pole Fitness Division. In 2018 I placed second in the womans professional Pole Fitness division and myself & my partner Maria da Silva  placed 2nd in the Womans Elite Double Aerial Hoop Category. and 4th in the world ranking in 2018.