25mm/32mm Aerial Hoop Single or Double Tab

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Our aerial hoops are designed for professional use and high level performance. Our double tab hoops are made of welded 3mm wall thickness steel making them heavy.

Our aerial hoops can take 2 performers and are load tested at R170kg and break tested at a ton.

The anchor point on this hoop is ready to accept any suitable carabiner in order to connect it to a strop, you can also connect the ring directly to a strop without the need for a carabiner.

If you want to make this aerial hoop rotate you can also add a swivel

Please note: all sizes refer to the EXTERNAL diameter. The internal diameter is 5cm less than the external diameter.

Sizing: If you are unsure which size you need, sit on a chair and measure from the seat to the top of your head, then add 10cm (eg: chair to top of head is 80cm, then you need a 90cm aerial hoop).

If you're getting an aerial hoops for a class or for shared use, a 95cm hoop would be the most suitable as its the most popular size and is mid way through the range.

- Material: coated steel

- Working Load Limit: 170kg (2 people max)

- One 1m polyester Spanset and one carabiner included

Please read before purchasing.

The use of these products is at your own risk. It highly advised to consult a professional aerialist coach for instruction, and professional rigger for installation. Only a professional coach can advise you of proper gripping and manoeuvring techniques.

By purchasing any of these products, you are assuming all responsibility for your own safety. You must routinely inspect it for any wear, tear, or defects which can occur after repeated use. Replace rusted or defective products immediately.

We are not responsible for any mishaps, injuries or damages from your use of these products. Even though all of these props have been tested, and will easily hold the weight of a person, they are only reliable if used properly. Never forget the dangers of suspending yourself from any height without a safety system.

All our products come with a one year warranty. 

Delivery will take 7 to 21 days from date of purchase.

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