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100 % Nylon Tricot silks are strong and shiny and come in a variety of different colours. They’re a low – medium stretch, enough bounce for drops but won’t stretch much in climbs! Perfect for both beginners and professionals. You can also purchase material per meter. 

Choose a length of silk that is double the height of the area/rig you are using plus 2 meters. The most popular length is 16m and this is about the minimum needed to perform drops as it will give you roughly 7m of silk between the anchor and floor.

Please read before purchasing.

The use of these products is at your own risk. It highly advised to consult a professional aerialist coach for instruction, and professional rigger for installation. Only a professional coach can advise you of proper gripping and manoeuvring techniques.

By purchasing any of these products, you are assuming all responsibility for your own safety. You must routinely inspect it for any wear, tear, or defects which can occur after repeated use. Replace torn fabric or defective products immediately. Do not use fabric that is compromised in any way from its original condition.

We are not responsible for any mishaps, injuries or damages from your use of these products. Even though all of these props have been tested, and will easily hold the weight of a person, they are only reliable if used properly. Never forget the dangers of suspending yourself from any height without a safety system.

Please allow 7 to 14 working days for delivery from date of purchase.

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