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Benefits of a Powder Coated Pole

Hi there. Chantelle from Aerial Fitness Factory. I have spent many hours training on a pole in my life and I’ve spent many hours teaching Pole Fitness. This week we launched our new Powder Coated Dance Pole. Here are my top reasons why you should consider getting a powder coated pole:

Powder Coated Poles helps with grip especially in our climate. I believe learning on a powder coated pole builds confidence especially when it’s time for you to start doing inversions. If you are fixated on not slipping and not hurting yourself it’s almost impossible to focus on mastering the actual move.

Outside Leg Hook on Pole
Chantelle du Randt

Let’s face it no one wants to feel frustrated in class from slipping the whole time and those small achievements means the world to a student. I’ve seen students get really despondent in class or completely give up on pole out of pure frustration when dancing on a chrome or stainless steel pole.

Another benefit, unlike silicone poles, a powder coated pole doesn’t completely take away the slipping factor, so you do strengthen the muscles that is helping you grip and enabling you to master the moves, which in turn will definitely make the transition from a powder coated pole to a brass or chrome pole that much smoother.

Happy Flying


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