Portable Aluminium Frame Rig Height: 1.4m or 3.4m set height
Weight load of 600kg
Made out of Magnesium Alloy Weight: 30kg
Please note: Aerial Silks/ Hammock not included 
Our Rigs are made for Static Hammock, Lyra & Aerial Silks moves as well as conditioning. It is not made for dynamic movement or drops. 

Portable rigs & Aerial Equipment should not be left outdoors to withstand the elements. 
Please read before purchasing.
The use of these products is at your own risk. It highly advised to consult a professional aerialist coach for instruction, and professional rigger for installation.
Only a professional coach can advise you of proper gripping and manoeuvring techniques.
By purchasing any of these products, you are assuming all responsibility for your own safety.
You must routinely inspect it for any wear, tear, or defects which can occur after repeated use. Replace torn fabric or defective products immediately.
We are not responsible for any mishaps, injuries or damages from your use of these products. Even though all of these props have been tested, and will easily hold the weight of a person, they are only reliable if used properly. Never forget the dangers of suspending yourself from any height without a safety system. A
Alll Aerial Equipment should be inspected by a fabrication engineer or replaced yearly, or when any wear or tear occurs.

Portable Indoor & Outdoor Aerial Rig

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