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Rooihuiskraal Fight Club Apple Studios
1st Floor Mall@Reds
Cnr Hendrik Verwoerd & Rooihuiskraal Road

Midstream Ridge
Midstream Ridge Sports Centre Midstream





This exercise is done on two pieces of hanging fabric. Suspended by locking your feet into the cloth safely and securely.

For most, a trip to the gym is more of a necessity than something to look forward to. We have the answer with our roof-raising aerial silks classes. Majority of the time the class feels like too much fun to be a serious workout, but there are major health benefits. Aerial silks work pretty much every muscle in your body. The classes also strengthen the core and increase flexibility after a few sessions. This is definitely not just for girls; plenty of burly bodybuilders attend class to work on specific muscles lifting weights cannot target effectively.


When people hear about fitness and the health benefits of different forms of workouts, they seldom think about pole dancing as a viable option. Not only is it a great way to boost your confidence, but it also has numerous health benefits including weight loss, building muscle, improving core strength and increasing flexibility.


Bungee Fit SA is fusing the most popular new workout trends.
Our classes are a combination of Bungee Cord Workouts and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval) training.

Bungee workouts are a combination of core training, cardiovascular exercise, and resistance training, all done with a bungee cord attached to your waist. The classes are 40 min long and with 2 to 3 sessions a week you will get that Beach Body you’ve always wanted.

Aerial hoop is a beautiful art form. It is one of the oldest and most respected forms in the aerial tradition. It is a suspended steel hoop, similar to a hula hoop. The metal hoop comes in one of two configurations. One in the form of a single tab, which functions as the connection point that secures the hoop to its connecting chain or rope. A single tab hoop spins and swings easily and will rotate if used for certain poses. A double tab hoop contains two connection points, adding balance and stability to the hoop.

Aerial hoop requires a lot of upper body strength, but beginners are welcome, as you will learn tricks and poses step by step, building your strength over time and developing your flexibility.



Aerial Yoga is neither yoga nor aerial acrobatics, it finds its own niche somewhere in between. One of the wonderful attributes of using the loop for yoga is the adaptability for people of various ability levels.

Aerial Yoga will enable you to develop upper body strength without even focusing on it. You will be able to stretch deeper without experiencing strain because the fabric supports part of your body weight. Your weight is distributed more evenly and therefore you target the full body. Aerial Yoga also increases your spatial intelligence by exposing yourself to new perspectives within 3-D space. Another benefit is improving balance through the use of the fabric that can move anywhere in space


Aerial Fitness Factory offers birthday parties that are unforgettable & unique. Book your child’s or your own  Birthday Party with us for an unforgettable experience.

R250 p/p

1 Hour includes a 2min circus performance and an aerial lesson.

The venue can be hired at R250 thereafter (self-catering, chairs and tables provided)

Old & young welcome.



We also offer a fun Bachelorette or Ladies night experience where woman learns Lap Dancing, or a Feather Boa routine at our venue or yours.

At our venue, only an Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Pole Lesson or a combination of the above can be arranged.

1-hour lesson: R250 p/p

Woman ages 18-80 of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

1 hour includes: 1 routine, 60min lesson,
Gift for the bride-to-be.


Our 2-hour indoor team building events include fun circus activities that are sure to energise, motivate, inspire and rebuild your team.